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At IIPELP we are committed to keeping our graduate programmes at a moderate size. About 30 research master’s degree students and 15 PGD students are enrolled between the Energy Economics department and Petroleum Economics department, working with more than 15 graduate faculty build a close-knit relationship marked by professionalism and common purpose.

The trademark of graduate education at IIPELP is a rich blend of profound, dedicated and expert knowledge in the given field of study. Multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary approaches are cornerstones to the discovery and development of knowledge.

This partnership transcends the borders of the IIPELP community. IIPELP has strong connections with other major universities, similar Centre of learning education, institutes and firms in the country and abroad. Collaborations with these communities is an intricately woven part of the IIPELP graduate experience.

IIPELP graduate students are adventurous, creative thinkers and desperate for original and innovative answers. If this resonates with you, check out our programmes(link) and see our offerings.



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